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About the game.

Ever wondered what happens when your favourite WWE superstar stops filming his or her segment on tv? What happens when they finally call off work and head in their own directions? To clubs and hotels and who they actually end up going to these places with? Better yet, who they end up leaving these places with? Well, now is your chance to make up your own mind about it.

Here you can let your imagination run wild, and do whatever you want with your superstar. Just as long as he or she acts the same on screen, what happens On The Road is totally up to you. So have fun and remember..

What happens on the road, doesn't always stay on the road.


- Characters can be any WWE superstar. Obviously, but please make sure you know your stuff about the person you are playing. It makes sense. Character's can also be someone related to a WWE superstar. For example, Randy Orton's wife. John Cena's cousin Trademarc. Just make sure you know a little bit about the person before you decide you want to play them. But please, be considerate if you are playing someone of this nature. If you come in as a wrestler's wife/girlfriend, please make sure the person in question doesn't already have a storyline going on. It's just common sense.
- This community is AIM based, so you must have a screen name.
- Please try to have your AIM SN and LJ Username relate to your character.
- RP will be done in third person storybook format. No exceptions. You can however have your charcter's communicate over AIM like you would with friends. Just don't have this happen all the time.
- Grammar is a must. Please make sure you use it properly, since a lot of us are serious role players, and don't like having to read through things that are poorly written.
- Use (), [], {} or || to distinguish when you are writing OOC. We do not need IC and OOC to mix and create more drama.
- Do not use netspeak, unless you are having your charcters chat over AIM even then please keep it to a minimum.
- Pregnancy is allowed, but please contact a MOD first. We don't want an overload of pregnancies. You MUST get permission from a MOD before you do anything like this, and also have the permission of anyone playing the father. MPreg is not allowed, since it is unrealistic. However, male-male couples can do adoption or surogate mothers. This also needs permission from the MOD.
- Update at least once every two week. If you will be gone then please post in the OOC community to tell us about it so we know.
- If you start to slack on updating then you will be given a slight nudge. But taking advantage of this will get you removed.
- Do not kill off your character. If you wish to leave just make a post that you are leaving so we can put the character up for grabs again.
- Put up a disclaimer in you user profile. No one wants to get sued or have others think they're really their character. It gets annoying having crazy fans IMing you. If you don't know where the disclaimer is, please ask someone.
- Put one of your favourite wrestling quotes in the subject line of the application if you have read and understand the rules.

Applications can be found in the Mod journal. Any questions, you can contact one of the Mods on either Randy Orton's SN or John Cena's SN.